joi, 28 august 2014

I've been busy lately...

Taking advantage of every minute available for carving.
Finishing another batch, from the pile of 50 plum spoon blanks (which, by the way, are near to the end).
More kolorsing exercises... and a little chipcarving :)

Trying for the firs time some color

duminică, 17 august 2014

duminică, 10 august 2014

Homemade lathe

New toy, old project. Finished a long time ago, but only yesterday had time for first play whit it :)
From now, I have a looot to learn and experiment !!

First test

Just finished

After a year while it stayed into a dark corner of the shop, yesterday was first "lathe class" for me 

Must take it step by step, little by little ...

First (nice) shavings