luni, 19 ianuarie 2015

Learning from the Masters

         For the first time, I post here works that are not mine. They are spoons that I received from exchanges with two great spooners: Eric Goodson from U.S.A and Werner Fuchs from Germany.

         First, I received Eric's spoon. I was very impressed by his elegance and unusual ergonomic handle shape. Very fine decoration.

         Today has arrived Werner's. The same thin bowl as Eric's, small size ( from what I imagined until now that is the optimal size of a spoon). German precision! Everything is in his place: nothing more, nothing less. Straight to the meaning of the spoon: a REAL EATER!

        "From now on, I have to learn from the Masters!" I said to myself... (that means:"I have to try to copy these beauties" :) :) :)  I hope that's OK for you, my friends ;)

         I have to change my vision about a wooden spoon must look like.

         For the last three years, since I begun to carve spoons, every spoon at the moment of carving, was "my best". I have tried different shapes, sizes ... I have tried some ornaments, more or less succeeded. I'm sure that if hadn't been these beauties to take my blanket from the eyes, it would have gone a long time to have this vision and to reach these forms.
         Now, I realize that this is my ideal spoon. The shape I want to be able to carve.

         If I will succeed or not, only the time can tell...

Up is Werner's, on the bottom is Eric's

This is not the best picture: the spoons are perfect equal in sizes :(

Even the tag from Werner's spoon, has a perfect spoon shape, decorated with tiny .... spoons :)