sâmbătă, 26 octombrie 2013

Râmeţ Gorges - Cheile Râmeţului


A 4 hours trip on a unique landscape: Râmeţ Gorges in Trascău Mountains - Transylvania.

 track very well arranged and accessible, even for a novice like me
 Unfortunately, my camera is not one of the best. I hope you can distinguish the door through which water crosses the wall.
 ..."de-aici încolo vine greul !"
..."here comes the difficult part!"

 "Strunga Caprelor"
 firul apei... (chiar cât un firicel se vede!)
water stream ... (even as a wisp seen!)
 speechless view
în sfârşit... deasupra!
finally... on top!

arhaic vs. modern ...

Magnificent landscapes, perfect weather, great company ... a unique experience.