duminică, 19 ianuarie 2014

Knives handles

             First post on 2014. Is not about carvings, woodchips or sawdust... it's about knives.

             Encouraged by the success of making handles for two blades in the last winter, I ordered another 6 blades from Brisa Finland. Even if the the handles sketches were drawn long time ago, because of various problems that occurred in all this period, I haven't enough time to manage them. Until last weekend, when I started all six handles in the same time! Yesterday was finishing day. Only one (!) I had to destroy an rebuild. Here are images of three of them:

Mora-Sweden "C105" blade, black mulberry wood (Morus Nigra), antler, vulcanized fibre

Mora Sweden "Hunter" blade, walnut, brass, mosaic pin, vulcanized fiber

Mora-Sweden "Hunter" blade, antler and buffalo horn - SOLD

 Karesuando-Sweden blade, walnut, antler, bras and vulcanized fiber.
For decoration: rifle cartridge tube

Two "Hunters"

The other two, in the next post.