marți, 24 decembrie 2013

Bowl horse & hatchet

      It's almost Christmas...
      Probably I was a good boy, because I received an unexpected gift: my custom made hatchet! After weeks of planning an months of talking with many blacksmiths, I received last week this beauty, from a craftsman who never promises me he will do it. But he did it, and it is exactly like in my drawings. Splendid!

      Today I managed to finish my bowl horse, too. I had those pieces of reclaimed timber from last summer, especially for this project. Made after plans generously offered by master bowl carver David Fisher.

1:3 legs slope 

dumbhead carving

first test

 now with a dumbhead

             For all woodworkers from everywhere, I wish You a Merry Christmas with Your families, and a New Year, full of spectacular projects achieved !!!